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Protection For Renters

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User Verification

Side By Side Share partners with Stripe for enhanced ID/selfie user verification ensuring that all owners are vetted. You can rest easy knowing that owners have a valid drivers license and are who they say they are.

Secure Payments

All payments made through the website are encrypted and secure through Stripe. For your own safety, it is important that you never take payment outside of the website. All applicable cleaning fees and extras will be available to handle through the site.

Side By Side Share Protection Plan

Our standard protection plan is provided on every rental for $49/per day. The standard protection plan covers the machine and trailer during the rental period. Tire damage and tow/recovery are not included, but additional coverage for these items can be purchased at checkout. Deductibles for insurance are as follows:

  • $2000 per normal occurrence
  • $5000 for a tipped or rolled machine

The reason for the higher deductible is to encourage safe and responsible driving throughout the rental period. Most accidents can be avoided when proper care is taken. Drivers should always drive in a way that keeps them and their passengers safe. For more information on safe driving, watch our safety video below.

Departure Forms
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Departure Safety video

All renters must watch the safety video with the owner at departure using the QR code that is on the Departure forms. If for whatever reason the QR code is not working, the video can also be found below.

There is no coverage for injury. Instead, renters sign a liability waiver taking responsibility for any injury that may occur during the rental period. Side By Side Share is not an insurance company, and the rental contract with Side By Side Share under the Protection Plan, which limits your responsibility for physical damage to the rented vehicle, is not insurance. Our rental agreement, departure/return forms, and video of the machine before and after are required in the event of a claim.